🍔Free generic functions

Check all the free utilities available, its cost and how to use them


The free functions are the ones that you can use indefinitely when you've install Unlimited Sheets.

We don't provide support for free functions as they are built with free external APIs that we don't own so we cannot solve certain issues.

All the free functions that rely on external API have they own improved version as a Premium function which we control and we give support

We have two types of free functions: SEO specifics & general utilities to improve the Spreadsheets experience

NameShort description

Combine horizontal & vertical columns in just one vertical column

Check if a value is in a list of elements (or an G. Sheets column)

Group a number of cells in only one

Replace a string or substring for another one, you can use a string or a Regex

Returns the value of a specific value by its inversed position filtering empty/falsy values

Returns the last value of an array of cells filtering empty & falsy values

Vertical lookup using two elements to find an output

Vertical lookup using unlimited elements to find an output

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