Free SEO functions

Check all the free SEO functions available, its cost and how to use them


The free functions are the ones that you can use indefinitely when you've install Unlimited Sheets.
We don't provide support for free functions as they are built with free external APIs that we don't own so we cannot solve certain issues.
All the free functions that rely on external API have they own improved version as a Premium function which we control and we give support
We have two types of free functions: SEO specifics & general utilities to improve the Spreadsheets experience
Short description
Upgraded version (premium)
Get the Status Code of an URL
Get related queries using a keyword as a seed
Get the list of URLs in a sitemap or a sitemap index
Get the locale (lang) in a subdomain structure
Scrape anything you want using Regex
Create a slug from a given string (text)
Remove HTML tags
Gets one to many input numbers (representing the weekly traffic or whatever weekly number) in order to return the daily average number.
Returns the run rate for current month. It estimates the number of the rest of days of the current month.
Returns the run rate for the next month. It estimates the traffic of the next month.
getSearchVolume (DEPRECATED)
Get Search Volume per month of a given query