📝Becoming a premium user

Follow this guide to become a premium user


Unlimited Sheets Premium is a subscription that allows you to use all the features of the Unlimited Sheets add-on, including new & more powerful functions.

The premium functions are a bit different from the rest. Every premium function consumes API credits as they are connected to 3rd party paid services.

Depending on the functions that you want to use you'll need more or less API credits.


Unlimited Sheets Premium works on a monthly subscription basis.

PlanCost per monthCredits per month











Contact us

Contact us

For more information on how tokens work and deciding which plans suits you best check follow this guide.

How to become a premium user

Follow this detailed step by step guide to start using Unlimited Sheets Premium.

  1. Select the plan that suits you best, if you need help check this out.

  2. Go to our official site or our Gumroad page

    • In our site:

      • Select the plan

      • Click on it and a Gumroad pop up will appear

      • Select if you want to be billed monthly or yearly

    • In Gumroad:

      • Select the plan

      • Select if you want to be billed monthly or yearly

      • Follow the steps inside Gumroad to check out

  3. Once selected both options click to "Subscribe" and follow the steps until check out

    • If you need the bill of your purchase in Gumroad you can extract it but if you need help check this guide

    • The billing is done through Gumroad, so you're purchasing it to them, not to us

    • The page will appear in your language, the screenshot is in Spanish because is where we are based

  4. When the Subscription is done, Gumroad will send you a license ID (Unique for you) at your email address (you can find it too inside Gumroad's platform) and It will invite you to our Discord Server

  5. Enter your license key inside the Spreadsheet where do you want to use the premium functions:

    • Inside Unlimited Sheets extension menu > Unlimited Sheets Premium > Verify Token

    • Paste your license. If it's linked to an active subscription the license will be accepted

  6. You're done! You can start unleashing the power of Unlimited Sheets Premium 💪

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