A function to generate text using GPT3

Credits cost per execution

This function spends 10 credits per execution

Video example



  • text: Input for GPT-3

  • maxTokens: Maximum numbers of tokens that will return the output

Expected output

  • String: The text generated by the AI

Text example

gpt3("Create 10 different catchy headlines separated by commas for a Google Adwords campaign using this keyword: download GTA V", 350)
// 1. Download GTA V Now - Get Started Right Away!, 
// 2. Get Ready to Play GTA V - Download Now!, 
// 3. Enjoy the Thrill of GTA V - Download Today!, 
// 4. Unlock the Power of GTA V - Download it Now!, 
// 5. Experience the Excitement of GTA V - Download it Now!, 
// 6. Play Your Way with GTA V - Download it Today!, 
// 7. Enter a New World with GTA V – Download It Now! , 
// 8. Conquer the Streets with GTA V – Start Your Adventure Today! , 
// 9. Feel the Rush with Grand Theft Auto 5 – Get it Here! ,  
// 10. Step Into a Whole New World with Grand Theft Auto 5 – Click Here to Download!"

Use cases

  • Create headlines or descriptions for your products or campaigns in bulk

  • Classify data

  • Create text with Google sheets

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