⚜️How credits work

In this page you'll finde an explanation about how our credits system work


Unlimited Sheets Premium use a custom API created by us in order to perform the complex tasks that you need in an easy way. In order to achieve that the API is built among our own code and third party APIs.

The API is not currently open to the public. We'll work hard to provide it as a service when is ready.

In order to avoid different tiers of plans because every third party API has its own prices, we decided to unify all the services in just one API and control our costs by adding different credits costs per function.

For you it's just one payment fits it all. When we add new services you won't need to pay anything extra as we'll adapt the credits to our internal costs.

Function groups

High functions are functions that accept a wide number of inputs so actually with just one execution you could extract information of 1000s element at once (that's why the cost)

Right now the functions are grouped by complexity & cost:

  • Basic: 0 credits per execution

  • Low: 1 credit per execution

  • Medium: 10 API credits per execution

  • High: 200 API credits

The number of executions column is just an example of the maximum of executions per month that you could do of just one type of them.

If you have the basic plan and use a basic function 5.000 times in less than a month you won't be able to use the rest of functions because you won't have more credits available for that month.

PlanCredits per monthNumber of executions



Basic: Unlimited executions

Low: 5.000 executions Medium: 500 executions Advanced: 25 executions



Basic: Unlimited executions

Low: 35.000 executions Medium: 3.500 executions Advanced: 175 executions



Basic: Unlimited executions

Low: 100.000 executions Medium: 10.000 executions Advanced: 500 executions

Check all of our premium functions and its credits cost associated here:

😎pagePremium functions

Credits renewal

The number of credits are always associated to the type of plan that you have.

Credits are renew (& restarted) every first day of the month. This means that if you buy your subscription the last day of a month your credits will be renew the next day.

This allow us to give you more credits to spend during the first two months.

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