Get Search Volume per month of a given query

This formula has been deprecated, please use the getSearchVolumeFromGoogle

This function relies on a third party API not controlled by us, this means that is not reliable in terms of bugs and the data should be always contrasted because doesn't match the same monthly volumes as Google Adwords.

In case of wanting reliable data and a bug-free function please use the premium version of this function: getSearchVolumeFromGoogle.

Video Example


  • query: The query from the one to get the monthly search volume data

  • country: The country from the one to get the data

Expected Output

  • number: Search volume data per month

Text example

getSearchVolume("apple", "US")
// 5000000

getSearchVolume("manzana", "ES")
// 40500

Use cases

  • Extract search volume data directly from Google sheets

  • Improve your keyword research in Sheets with Unlimited Sheets

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