A function to clusterize Keywords by their stemming.

Disclaimer: you'll need to combine your output with some extra tweaks using pivot tables or a similar approach

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  • keywords: The list of keywords to clusterize

  • langStopWords: The language of the stop words to use. By default it is english ('eng'), also works with Spanish ('spa')

  • includeNumbers: If true, numbers will be included in the clustering. By default it is set to false

Expected output

  • Array: The list of keywords with their clusterization

Text example

clusterize(A1:A300, "eng", false)
// query    stem    token_2 token_3 token_4 token_5 token_6
// anime battle arena    anim arena battl    anime   battle  arena   
// anime battle simulator    anim battl simul    anime   battle  simulator   
// anime cross 2    anim cross  anime   cross       
// anime fighting simulator roblox    anim fight roblox simul anime   fighting    simulator   roblox
// anime fighting sim    anim fight sim  anime   fighting    sim 
// anime fighting simulator    anim fight simul    anime   fighting    simulator   
// anime fighters simulator    anim fighter simul  anime   fighters    simulator   
// anime mania    anim mania  anime   mania       
// anime mania roblox    anim mania roblox   anime   mania   roblox  
// roblox anime mania    anim mania roblox   roblox  anime   mania   
// roblox anime    anim roblox roblox  anime       
// animal simulator roblox    anim roblox simul   animal  simulator   roblox  
// roblox animal simulator    anim roblox simul   roblox  animal  simulator   

Use cases

  • Group keywords by their stemming

  • Improve your keyword research in Google Sheets

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