Get all the all the organic pages ranking on the SERP for a given keyword

Credits cost per execution

This function spends 10 credits per execution

Video example


  • keyword: The keyword to get the position

  • languageCode: The language code where to do the search (i.e. en for English)

  • locationName: The location where to do the search (i.e. United States).

    • Check the full list of locations available downloading the CSV depending on the Search Engine

Optional arguments

  • skipHeader: If true, the first row of the results will be skipped

  • searchEngine: The search engine to use (By default is used Google)

  • device: The device to use (By default is used mobile)

  • depth: The depth of the SERP to search (By default is 100)

  • seDomain: The domain of the search engine to use (By default is used

Expected output

  • Array: The absolute position, the relative to the all group and the URLs ranking for that keyword in the search engine

Text example

getOrganicPagesFromSERP("seo", "en", "United States", true, "google", "mobile", 10, "") 
// organic, absolute, url
// 1    5
// 2    6
// 3    7
// 4    11
// 5    12
// 6    14
// 7    15
// 8    16
// 9    17
// 10    18

Use cases

  • Benchmark of who's ranking for specific queries

  • Check competition on SERPs for a given query

  • Assess keyword difficulty to rank

  • Fix the migration of websites using sheets: find your old URLs and match them with your new ones

  • Check if your URL is ranking for a specific query in Sheets

  • Check the position of a keyword in Google Sheets

  • Build your own keyword tracker in Google Sheets

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