Gets one to many input numbers (representing the weekly traffic or whatever weekly number) in order to return the daily average number.

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  • arr: List of numbers that the function will receive as an input.

Important: The number needs to represent weekly traffic, not daily or monthly. Because those arguments will get divided by the number of days they represent.

i.e. One args gets divided by 7, two per 14 and so on..

In Google Sheets the arrays are created using this notion => {value1 ; value2 ; cell1 ; ...}

Expected Output

  • number: Average daily number

Text example

getAvgDailyTrafficFromWeek({ 3126 ; 2578 })
// => 407.42857142857144

Use cases

  • Calculate the run rate of your current month's traffic and the next one in Sheets

  • Get the average traffic per day

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